Virtual & Physical Car Boot Sales

carbootsaleCar boot sales are a form of market in which private individuals come together to sell typically household and garden goods. Car boot sales are held in a variety of locations, including the grounds of schools and other community buildings, or in grass fields or car parks. Sellers will typically pay a small fee for their pitch, and arrive with their goods in the boot of their car. Usually the items are then unpacked onto folding trestle tables, a blanket or tarpaulin, or the ground.

If you are holding a physical car boot sale you can have the sellers book and pay on line. They will also need to agree to the rules of the sale. There can be different fees for different facilities such as the size of the space and whether it is also a stall or under cover.

With a physical car boot sale the funding is sourced from the site fees and possibly sponsorship.

Virtual Car Boot Sale

This works in a similar way to EBay. The seller registers and pays for the submission of their items for sale. The fee may be set for groups of say 10 items. When they pay their submission fee they will be sent a link an d password for an online form to submit their items. They will need to include a description of each item and at least one photo. Also for each item they need to set out the reserve price, the starting price which cannot be lower than the reserve price) and the buy now price. That is the price they will accept without waiting to the end of the auction period. They will also need to specify the increment for each bid. Prior to completing the submission they should have registered on the website with a user name and contact details. Only the username is disclosed to potential buyers. The username should be included in the submission form. This will be shown with each item if the seller agrees to be contacted by buyers.

The buyer can only contact the seller through the website’s private messaging system until both parties agree to exchange contact details. The link to the messaging system is HERE.

The video below shows how to use the messaging system. If potential buyers want to use the messenger system they also need to register and login. A buyer may want to contact a seller to negotiate the buy now price and / or to arrange for delivery or collection.

Sellers have the option of dealing with the successful bidder themselves and arranging payment and collection or delivery. The other option is for the seller to make an online payment. A 15% commission is charged where this applies. The balance after the commission and any payment gateway charges is remitted to the seller by the organisation. It will still be the responsibility of the seller to arrange delivery or collection of the item.

Check out our Demo Shop for demo site fees, submission fees and sale of item to successful bidder where the seller has nominated that the website will process the payment.  The successful bidder in each case is sent a link and password to access the online payment for a particular item if the seller has nominated that the website will process the payment.