Spell A Thon

Your own online Spell A Thon
Your own online Spell A Thon

A Spell-a-thon is when students are sponsored for the number of words correctly spelled in a spelling test. With the sponsors make an initial pledge of an amount per correctly spelled word for that student. This is done online. When the results are received sponsors are notified and they pay the balance of the sponsored amount. Prior to pledging their sponsorship amount it is made clear to sponsors the maximum number of words that they are sponsoring.

The test can be done at school with the teacher reading out the words to be spelled. Students can hand write the answers for they can complete an online form.

The other option is to do the test online with Ezy Fund Raiser. The test can be done at anytime but it is timed so students do not have time to ‘Google’ the answer and complete all the questions. Each word has a short audio and spelling of the word must be filled in the appropriate field in the quiz. They are not prompted with multiple choice answers.

The questions can be randomised and there can be a random selection from a larger population of questions in order to reduce the risk of collaboration. They can only answer each quiz once. In the demo the quiz can be attempted more than once.

Students will know their preliminary score at the end of the quiz. The results can be easily verified. The online quiz can also cater for more than one version of the correct spelling. There are various sources of spelling quiz audios. Many words are recorded in the Google dictionary. You can download word recordings from *https://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/WORD.mp3* remove the ‘*’ at either end and replace WORD with the word you want pronounced.

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You can try the Demo online Spell-a-thon below:

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