Online Trivia Quiz

trivia-quiz-1This can be a promotion for a trivia night or a competition in its own right. There is an entry fee per quiz attempt. The quiz is timed based on an average of 7 seconds per question so there is limited scope for “Googling” the answer. Different questions can have different points allocated. You can also have different points for different answers where some answers may be partially correct. The answer options are randomly sorted and the selection of the questions for each quiz is randomly sorted from a population of questions. This reduces the scope for learning the answers by re-doing the quiz. There are plenty of websites with trivia questions and answers if you are stuck for ideas.

You can also have different quizzes with different links and passwords. Each quiz can only be tried once by a particular user. Also it can be set up so that a particular user can only buy no more than one entry to each particular quiz. If someone should crack these restrictions and they attempt the same quiz more than once then only the points for the first attempt will be counted.

There could be a set period, say a week, to run the competition. The winner will be the person with the best result at the end of the competition period.

You can use audio, video and images as part of the question to make the quiz more interesting.

The quiz is accessed with a link and password which is emailed to the participant on payment of the entry fee.  You can also have sponsors for the quiz.

A demo quiz is shown below

[WpProQuiz 3]