Online Op-Shop


The online Op-Shop can be open for a short time, such as in conjunction with a fete or it can be open permanently.

Donors complete an online form and upload images of the item(s). They will provide their contact details, description of the items and a suggested price, the condition of the items and if anything is missing or not fully functional. If the item is to be sent by mail then the dimensions should also be included.

The easiest way is for the donor and buyer to drop off and pick up the item from a central location. The central location, such as a school, could be for drop-off and pick-up only with the items being stored in another location such as someone’s garage.

The items are displayed on the online Op-shop where customers can browse and buy items like any other online store.

There is also the option of permitting a customer to make an offer for the item. You will be put in direct contact with the customer and decide whether to accept, decline or make a counter offer. If you accept an offer the customer is set an email with a link which they click which will add the item to their basket at the agreed price.

If you are going to offer postage delivery then one possibility would be for the donor to send the item and  they would be reimbursed by direct deposit / EFT when the items is sold. The delivery charge will automatically be added to the price as would the case with ordinary online sales of physical items. The rates used are available from Australia Post.

You can see the online submission form below.