The Old Chocolate Wheel (Prize Wheel) Goes Online

The Old Chocolate Wheel goes Online
The Old Chocolate Wheel goes Online

Remember the old chocolate wheel at fetes? There is now an online version. You can use it to award prizes, to allocate bonus questions at a trivia night or to have some fun at an awards night.

You can allocate numbers or names to the selections. You could use teachers’ names at a school function.

The wheel could be projected onto a screen so it can be easily seen.

Prizes are allocated against the names. This can be published online before the event or at the event with a display table or on screen list.

You buy a ticket with the name of the selection on it then you have a choice of spins for each selection. In the example below you might buy a ticket for “Parramatta” and the 2nd spin. For example 1 spin per selection is $5.  If say Parramatta wins the first spin you have the option before hand of replacing a prize for Parramatta in the second and subsequent spins or removing Parramatta after the first spin. That means the person who bought the ticket for Parramatta in the second spin misses out. That is the chance they took as long as the rules were clear at the time the ticket was purchased.

You need to check on legal requirements, For instance in NSW permit is required. There are no fees for the application for the permit. See the fact sheet below.

The NSW Government published a fact sheet on chocolate wheels.

The application form can be downloaded HERE  The form is relatively simple to complete and can be lodged by email.

The online wheel itself is provided by