Football (and other Team Sport) Doubles

Football Doubles - First Try Scorers Each team
Football Doubles – First Try Scorers Each team

A football double involves the purchase of  tickets that have links to hidden random numbers. The winner is determined by the ticket holder’s
numbers corresponding with the football jersey numbers of the scorers of the first two try (Rugby League and Union) or goal (football / soccer) scorers in a particular football match from each team. The respective combinations are 121 (football / soccer), 169 (Rugby League) and 225 (Rugby Union). It can also be applied to basket ball where the total number of registered players per team is known. The minimum number of players registered in the Australian NBL is 12 so 144 tickets per game.

The way you can generate the numbers is to have a list of every combination, In the case of Rugby League it is 169. A random list of whole numbers is generated between 1 and 169. (See The random list is applied against the list of combinations. The random numbers are then sorted into ascending numerical order. The sorted numbers become the ticket numbers. Therefore each combination is randomly applied against each ticket.

The ticket holder is sent a link and password to access the form to display the combination for their ticket number. The random allocation is redome for each game. This can be done in a matter of minutes.

Doubles Rules (Eg Rugby League)

1. Doubles will be paid out on FIRST POINT SCORERS – if a team does not score, the double will be paid out on the HOOKER position generally – number 9.

2. Doubles will be paid out on :-

• the jersey number the player is wearing when he scores the points, if numbered one (1) to thirteen (13) or;
• in the case of an interchange situation, the number of the player that replaced a team member numbered one (1) to thirteen (13) as part of the interchange process; or
• in the case of a pre-game replacement situation, the number of the person that person replaced


It must be noted that the player scoring the points will be identified by the jersey number he is wearing, if numbered one (1) to thirteen (13).

3. If a player wearing a number above 13 is the first points scorer his ‘interchange/replacement’ number will be clarified by the respective team manager from each of the NRL teams. Team Managers validation will be final and no discussion will be entered into in respect to their decision. (Where numbers greater than 13 are used and not as interchange then the numbers are allocated in ascending order against the missing numbers in the range 1 to 13.)

4. Winners will be notified by email and the winning combination will be published on the website. You have the option of also notifying all participants of the results.

5. The prize pool is 60% of the total revenue from tickets sold. If the winning ticket has not been sold the prize pool is distrubuted to the nearest combination to the scoring double. The nearest combination is calculated on the total of the absolut difference between the scoring double and the next available ticket. Eg Team 1 -2 difference and Team 2 +3 difference the total absolute difference will be 5. Where there are more than one ticket with the same  difference the prize pool will be divided equally amongst those tickets.

Fund Raising

Taking a Rugby League game as an example – 169 tickets at $5 per ticket = $845. Assume the prize pool is 60% ($507) leaving 40% ($338) for your organisation from that particular game.

Information about Football Doubles from NSW Liquor, Gaming & Racing can be downloaded HERE

You can access the Demo from for accessing the doubles numbers / combination for your ticket HERE. The password is Demo

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