Fun Runs, ?-A-Thons and other Challanges

Supporters can sponsor an individual or group in a fun run or something-a-thon. Sponsors have a choice of the amount they will sponsor per kilometre, book read etc. There are a number of options available. Sponsors can pay an initial amount per unit on the understanding that the balance is paid when the results are certified. So it operates as a pledge. Another option is they simply fill out an online form and pay the sponsored amount when the results are certified.

There are many and varied challenges that can attract sponsorship. Significant business sponsors can also have their business promoted on the website. Common challenges are Spell-A-Thons and Read-A-Thons as well as the sporting challenges.

There is an online version of the Spell-A-Thon made available by Ezy Fund Raising – findoutmorex50

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