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Demo Business Directory
Demo Business Directory

A business directory provides s a list of businesses and services in your community. Users can easily search for a business by the type of business, its name or location. The directory is not limited to a geographic community. It could be for a particular interest area, industry or cause.

The business submits the listing with all their details and promotional information including images. You approve the listing and publish it on the directory. The business pays an annual fee after 30 days of a free trial. If they do not pay the fee the listing is simply unpublished. They pay the fee through the online store. They are sent a reminder each time the fee is due.

You can offer free listings for donors and supporters. The listing fee is usually tax deductible for the business or organisation because it is in the nature of advertising to earn income.

The directory can also be a useful community resource which raises the profile of your organisation. If you had 50 businesses listed at $60 per year that would be $3,000 per year for relatively little effort.

Check out our Demo Business Directory

It is easy for businesses to pay the listing fees – see the demo online payments in our Demo Shop.