Online Scavenger Hunt (Car Rally) Fund Raiser

Online Scavenger Hunt - Virtual Car Rally
Online Scavenger Hunt – Virtual Car Rally

A scavenger hunt or car rally was when you received route instructions and questions to answer at different points along the route. These days people don’t always have a day available for such an event and their can also be insurance issues with the risk of a car accident  during an organised event.

An online version of a scavenger hunt can still be a fund raiser. People can still pay an entrance fee and there can also be sponsorship. People can also pay for extra clues.

There are a number of versions:

  • use cryptic clues to find a particular piece of information somewhere out there in the length and breadth of the internet;
  • make the process more interesting by putting the clues and answers in a cross word format.  There are numerous online free crossword creators available – for example
  • have a virtual car rally where the participants have to work out the route from cryptic clues and then use Google Earth or Google Maps Street View to identify something, again from cryptic clues. You can use this any where in the world so the players do not have the benefit of local knowledge; or
  • still have the traditional car rally or use public transport and have participants find locations with cryptic clues, answer questions and take pictures of themselves at the location. The images are then uploaded or sent by email to a designated email address.

The answers are submitted using an online form. The answers can be reviewed and authenticated in a spreadsheet format. These forms also record the time of submission which could be used if time taken was a way of awarding points in addition to correct answers. The forms can be set up to close off at a particular time so no further answers are accepted. The forms can be completed progressively.

The links and passwords for participants to access questions, clues and online forms could be made available at certain time and even staggered if there was concern about participants following each other.

Where submitted images are used they can be displayed with password protection if there concerns about public display.

You can see the general format of these type of online forms HERE.  The password is Demo  .

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