Online Photography & Video Exhibition & Competition

Online Photographic Exhibition and Competition
Online Photographic & Video Exhibition and Competition

Photography lends itself to an online exhibition and competition.   A photography exhibition could be held in conjunction with another event.

Funds are raised from the entry fees and the pay per vote for the community jury. There can also be a judging panel.

There can be different categories and ages. There can also be requirements that the photos were recently taken. There could be a special category for smart phones.

There could be themes such as a day in the life of ……..  or about an activity that the organisation is involved with.

The exhibition can be password protected if there are concerns about images which may include children.

The exhibition could also include video art.

For demonstration purposes here is the link to the demo online entry and submission form. Access to the form would require a password which will be sent to the photographer on payment of the entry fee.

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Check out our Demo Pay Entry Fee and Pay Per Vote at our Demo Shop